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"May all your Times be happy Ones"
We have assembled an electronic catalog of over 140 pages full of handmade and decoratively turned Wooden Clocks,  Jewelry Boxes, Bowls, Writing Instruments and other Accessories. We use over 70 woods, both domestic and exotic, to create thousands of different designs. Everything we make has a hand rubbed oil and wax finish, and is Decorative, Functional and Aesthetic.
This is our own virtual online show. PLEASE sit back and  enjoy our site so "this catolog won't collect dust".
Handmade with  American Pride for over two generations.  A founding member and members of the American Association of Woodturners
Desk Clock  Fountain & Roller ball  Letter Openers
Wall Clock  Fountain Pens Directory Magnifying Glasses
Hebrew Clock  Roller ball Pens Directory Bottle Stoppers
Oriental Clock  Twist Cap Fountain Pen Accessories
Standing Clock 
Contemporary Desk Clock Ball Point Pens Gifts for Her
Elliptical Clock Hour Glass Style Directory Perfume Pens
  Monty Style Directory  
  Comfy Style Pen Directory  
  Camelot Style Pen Directory  
 Benzels  Pen and Pencil Sets  
   Monty Pen & Pencil Sets  
 Green Bowls
 Hour Glass Pen & Pencil Sets  
Offset Bowls
 Titanium Pen & Pencil Sets  
 Ring Bowls  Standing Desk Set  
 Pen, Pencil & Letter Opener Set  
 Jewelry Boxes Big Ben Power Pens  
Our products meet the need for high quality gifts for all occasions, Christmas, weddings, graduations, birthdays, Fathers Day, Mothers Day and Judaic occasions, as well as for important business clients and associates. Oh yes, don't forget something for yourself !!
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  Handmade in the USA


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